Following my RB consistency article, it’s time to explore the WR field for consistency. Below you can find the fantasy consistency ratings for NFL WRs. You will notice that there is a greater number of receivers who are above the ‘0’ threshold, indicating positive consistency. This is mainly due to the larger sample size of receivers in the league (and in your fantasy lineup). This makes it easier to out-perform the WR average (or replacement level receiver) for each statistic, allowing scores to be higher. With this in mind, I expanded the range for inconsistency to -15 to 15 (players further inside the red lines are more inconsistent).

Some key takeaways:

-Cooper Kupp is a consistency beast. By far and away the most consistent WR in the league!

-Big names showing inconsistency: Mike Evans, Terry McLaurin, A.J. Brown, Amari Cooper and Devonta Smith all fall between the red lines!

-Mecole Hardman was the most inconsistent receiver in fantasy last season–can he turn things around with Tyreek Hill being gone this year?

Taking a look at the distribution plot, we again see that receivers typically have ratings on the higher side. As there are more consistently good receivers than there are RBs, it may be a smart idea to grab your backs before you draft your WRs in fantasy.

Looking at some weekly progression charts, it is evident yet again that (in most cases) we can predict how consistent a player will finish their season following week 5 (Courtland Sutton being an exception). This makes the golden week for fantasy trades week 5!

Here is another look at all the data:

That’s all for this article, be sure to check back for more in the coming weeks!