The Michigan Football Analytics Society


Founded in 2018, our club’s purpose is to embrace the game of football and to reach football lovers not only at the University of Michigan, but around the world. We are specifically focused on using advanced analytics to develop arguments and write/publish articles to our website, thus enhancing football knowledge in the football community as a whole. In addition to writing thought-provoking pieces on football, we intend to spread the “fun” of football through casual articles, social events, and various creative endeavors. We have a passion for football and our club mission is to embrace that passion, through writing, through research, and through bonding, and to prepare those who are interested for a future career in football.

Our M-FANS staff is:

Co-Directors: Evan Tarian & Conor R McQuiston

Research Managers: Joey DiCersce & Tej Seth

Treasurer: Josh Goldstein

Managing Editor: Ali Haraji

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