Following one of my previous articles, Grading NFL Defensive Lines, I have decided to transition the grading system to NFL secondaries. Calculated in nearly the same manner, this grading system should give players ratings generally between -25 and 100. We will mainly be taking a look at cornerbacks, safeties, and linebackers who spend a lot of time in coverage. Some key takeaways:

-The AFC and NFC East are loaded with talent in the secondary

-The Commanders have two ball-hawking players in the secondary (read on to find out who)

-The Buccaneers surprisingly do not have many great players in their secondary

Taking a look at our team grades, one thing we must note is that the mean secondary grade is 15.8. Only 16 teams have average grades above this!

Things to note:

-Dallas leads the pack, backed by Trevon Diggs and Anthony Brown.

-Tampa Bay’s secondary is underwhelming. This average grade is brought down greatly by Murphy-Bunting’s -15 grade.

-New England’s secondary is still kickin’ it. With a strong defense, if the Pats can improve offensively, there is no stopping them next season.

Here are the top 50 graded secondary players from 2021 (keep in mind the average grade of 15.8). Some takeaways:

-Darius Leonard (LB) is a monster in pass coverage. He grabbed 4 interceptions last season, along with 8 forced fumbles and over 50 solo tackles.

-While I personally am not in love with Trevon Diggs’ game, our model is. His 14 interceptions were enough to boost his grade above the competition–turnovers are a big deal!

-The Titans and the Vikings have 0 players in the top 50…No wonder neither of them can make a playoff run!

That’s all for this article! Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.