In this article, we will be taking a look at the most overvalued and undervalued fantasy RBs going into 2022. The way we can do this is by comparing receivers’ Positional ADP (average draft position) with their fantasy WAR rank from the 2021 season. By finding the difference between these two ranks (I call this ‘Value’) we can find if fantasy drafters are over or under-valuing them based on last season’s results. A high value means the player is undervalued and a low (negative) value means they are overvalued.

Undervalued RBs to Watch

1. Cordarrelle Patterson

Patterson is being taken 23 positions behind his WAR ranking from 2021–after putting up RB1 numbers all season and winning the starting spot in the Falcons backfield, Patterson is still going as late as the 9th round in drafts.

2. James Conner

Conner is being drafted 10 spots back from his WAR rank in 2021, despite having the starting spot under wraps for the upcoming season. Look for him to have strong production again in 2022.

3. James Robinson

Robinson is coming into fantasy drafts with his stock very low despite his strong 2021 season. As there is good reason for this (Travis Etienne’s return), Robinson can still be an excellent 12th-round steal.

Overvalued RBs to Watch Out for

1. Miles Sanders

Sanders is being taken 17 positions before his WAR rank, following a season where he posted a -3.6 WAR. He has strong competition for touches in the Eagles backfield, and fantasy owners should be wary of taking him too soon.

2. Saquon Barkley

Saquon posted a -4.3 WAR last season and is being taken as the 13th RB in drafts–it is difficult to take this big of a risk on a player who has such a history of injuries, and who underperformed last time he hit the field.

3. A.J. Dillon

A.J. Dillon is a great option for deep FLEX leagues, but be wary of drafting him too early this year! He is going 9 spots ahead of his WAR rank!

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