Rashaad Penny has quickly become a top sleeper RB for the 2022 season–this article will explain why.

Penny was the Seahawks’ lead rusher last season, taking 119 carries, which topped Alex Collins’ 109 (who is no longer with the team) and Chris Carson’s 54 (who battled injuries all season). Penny remains as the starter on Seattle’s depth chart going into camp following Chris Carson’s unexpected retirement–the two backs behind him are Kenneth Walker III and DeeJay Dallas. Walker will at best split carries with Penny if he performs well in camp, while Dallas isn’t expected to be anything more than a safety net for the backfield and won’t take many touches all season.

With Penny at the helm, let’s see why he could be a valuable fantasy draft pick.

Penny led all RBs (minimum 100 carries) in yards over expected per carry last season–his 72 total YOE on just 119 carries shows his high talent level and play-making ability. After averaging 6.3 yards a carry, Penny has serious potential to have a breakout season in 2022.

Penny also ranks 5th amongst RBs (with less than 200 carries in 2021) for ‘fantasy potential’. He finished the season in strong fashion, and with more touches, his production will certainly increase. Read more about fantasy potential here, where I introduced the metric in a previous article.

Rashaad Penny also ranked 28 in average fantasy win percentage in 2021. Generating a 34.4% win percentage off only 119 carries is an impressive feat (teams starting Penny would have a 34.4% chance to win, given the rest of their team was average). If Penny gets starting RB touches in 2022, fantasy owners will be in for a treat.

Well, I guess I rest my case. Rashaad Penny is a sleeper pick for this season, don’t miss your chance to draft him. His current average draft position for leagues is 88th, so in 10-team leagues, he should be available for the taking as late as the 8th or 9th round.